N.E.T Neuroemotional Technique


Here is a fantastic VIDEO explanation of the role of emotions in health and health disorders- how to release emotional blocks with well timed adjustments.


Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) is a fabulous technique - it is a psycho-therapeutic/chiropractic system that combines a number of techniques and principles from traditional Chinese Medicine, Chiropractic and applied kinesiology.

It is a holistic approach to well-being focusing on imbalances in the structure of the neuro- musckulo- skeletal system, unresolved "negative emotional blocks", toxins in the body, and deficiencies in nutrition.



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It is generally well accepted that negative emotions slow down healing of workplace injuries in fact in the workcover Australia training for professional treatment of workplace injuries the emotional state of the patient is shown to be one of the biggest predictors of recovery of the patient - more so than the type of injury. Stressful and challenging emotions and will increase inflammation.

NET describes "negative emotional complexes" (NEC) as being stored in the body, and claims to help release or resolve them. It was originally formulated by Chiropractor Dr. Scott Walker in the early 1980s, and dealt primarily with vertebral subluxation. Dr. Walker shows that NET deals with emotional blocks it is not really a form of counselling but rather a system of unblocking the internal counselor of the patient. Anecdotally, patients reported they were less stressed, happier, and felt more at ease after treatment with NET. Some reports in the chiropractic literature support the effectiveness of NET.

When used to treat emotional trauma in a group of seven cancer patients, improvements of up to 88% were shown in symptom reduction. Another study found NET provided improvements in chronic neck pain sufferers over a control group receiving a sham protocol of NET. Another study found that following NET treatment a professionally diagnosed case of Separation Anxiety Disorder was no longer present.

N.E.T is a method of challenging the persons nervous system via a muscular response test. If the patients nervous system is loaded or challenged by a substance that it finds difficult or by an emotion or situation that is emotionally charged. Then there is a change in the muscle response. This alteration in the muscle response is a reflection the nervous system thrown into a certain level of disarray.

This challenge is similar in concept to the polygraph. With the polygraph certain physiological functions are tested- blood pressure heart rate electrical skin resistance (which reflects in turn the functioning of the autonomic nervous system). Then the person is either exposed to stimuli of different kinds or they are asked questions. Those questions are asked and as the person answers the questions the physiological testing looks for a maladaptive stress by an altered reading that is out of keeping with the patients normal levels.

Similarly the muscle test can be used as a kind of physiological testing of the nervous system that controls that muscle. If the muscle goes weaker then it indicated the nervous system is stressed and not adapting as easily as it ideally could.

Then when an emotional situation is charged and makes the nervous system function more chaotically and thus reflecting in the muscle response. The nervous system is treated via the spinal column and also pressure points derived from acupuncture traditional models. The Patient is actually aided to adapt while they are being subject to the awkward stimuli.

This then helps the patient to process emotionally challenging situations in a more empowering way. The emotions can be around a physical injury or illness or even a relationship disorder or friction, it can also be around the patients roles in life or around career vocations finances etc.

Through muscle testing the practitioner can fish for disordered or chaotic responses to areas of life. Then correct the response via a physical treatment that aims at correcting the nervous system functioning and also the meridian system.

This technique is extremely empowering and exciting and is a breakthrough in applying the principles of Chiropractic and also Chinese medicine.

Peoples lives heal- this technique is fully in synch with the original philosophy of the chiropractic adjustment where an adjustment is done for a patient and how they integrate with their society or family or life.

Further associations are formed between emotions and our automatic nervous system. The best way to explain this is with Pavlovs dogs.

Palvolv would present dogs with food- they dog seeing and smelling the food would salivate- Salivation is an automatic nerve response- we don't decide to salivate it is automatic. So it is not under conscious control.

If Pavlov rung a bell the dogs would of course not do anything because no association is formed withe the bell ringing.

Then every time Pavlov presented the food he would ring a bell that the dog could hear. He kept doing this a number of times.

Then Pavlov would ring the bell BUT NOT PRESENT FOOD and the Dogs would SALIVATE. As association was formed between the bell and the autonomic nervous system would stimulate the salivary glands.

Thus showing that conditioned responses can form in dogs but also the same premise occurs in humans.

Often our emotions are linked to certain parts of the body in similar ways. When these emotions are negative they can alter our health.

N.E.T is a tremendous technique for releasing these associations into healthier and healthier patterns.

It s possible even for the practitioner to treat emotions that the patient thinks about and the practitioner does not necessarily have to know what situation they are treating. The patient thinks of the situation and the practitioner tests the muscle and nerve system and then rechecks that the patients body is adapting. All sometimes without knowing what thoughts and images the patient is holding in their mind.