Guasha and Acu-Stimulation

As a method of practitioner healing the patient BUT ALSO a method whereby the patient can enhance their own healing and aid their own life in numerous ways.

Guasha and acu- stimulation are marvelous and exciting tools due to the benefit that they bring the patient.

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Titanium Guasha ToolTitanium Guasha Tool

Guasha is scraping or coining- when given to patients to do at home it is usually given to do as a light form of scraping to stimulate the meridians the nerves and also the neuro-musculo-Skeletal system. By doing this it brings a change in tehe physiology and the patterns of energy flow to train the body to move into a better balance. Thereby enhancing the healing effect.

When the body has any form of inflammation- it tends to form adhesions which is a light form of scar tissue. These adhesions can bind muscles to skin and pull incorrectly. It can bind the muscles and make them tighter and more fibrous. It binds the tendons and ligaments in a way that restricts- not only movmeent but also tends to impede lymphatic flow and circulation. This then has the effect to further enhance inflammtion and causing a pooling effect of inflammationa nd toxins. Thus building up even more. The traditional form of scraping or guasha helps to actually break or tear these adhesion and draws up through the skin the inflammmatin and toxins. Sort of like dredging a river. In fact the word "sha" in guasha means sand or soot. Like soot in a river.

If the adhesions form incorrectly then also if this occurs in the face then incorrect muscle pulling on the fascia and fascia pulling thorugh the muslce and skin results in fine lines and cracks forming in the skin of the face. So in cosmetic acupuncture these fine lines can be improved by a light form of guasha and also acupuncture. In our Balanced for Health and Life Seminar we teach a home style of guasha for cosmetic reasons and also use of magnets instead of needles.

The guasha is a terrific adjunct for all sorts of health and mechanical disorders. It is a useful chinese medicine tool. But for example if someone has a plantar fasciitis or tennis elbow or fibrous knotts in the spine then it is a fabulous tool.

I personally once had a rash on my hand for a number of years. This rash just would not go- so I treated myself for allergies and allergies. So very many I treated but the rash just would not go. When I learned the guasha I applied that technique to my hand and arm. The rash dissapeared within a day never to return and still stays away after years. The reason is that I had treated the cause of the rash. The allergies but I had not fixed the adhesions that made the lymphatic flow sluggish in the hand. Thus the toxins and inflamamtion could not dispel along the normal pathways so needed to come up throught the skin creating the rash. Once the guahs was done- after the allergies were sorted. Then the rash disappeared for what seems to be a permanent solution.

Our Traditional and Modern Guasha tools can be purchased from our online GuashaShop or from our clinic or seminars.


So instead of just relying totally on the practitioner the patient is taught to help themselves along the way.

These methods are applied to emotions or physical problems or health syndromes.

At our Balanced for Health and Life Seminar we teach these techniques in detail however we will gradually have a lot of resources and instruction on this web site on how you can do this for yourself to aid your in clinic treatments.


what is gua sha ?


In chinese,"gua" means rub,scrape or friction, and "sha" can refer to sand or soot- just like a river or stream can get a build up of sand and affect its flow similarly our lymphatics and meridians can become sooted up with fine spider web like adhesions from past toxins or past inflammation- also Sha can also refer to the effect that is sometimes bring about -a 'reddish, elevated, millet-like skin rash' (aka petechiae). sha is a term used to describe blood stasis in the subcutaneous tissue before and after it is raised as petechiae.When scraping is applied to related skin with moderate strokes, the sha will surfaces on the skin as small red petechiae. In minutes the petechiae will fade into echymotic patches. The color and rate of fading are indicators for the need and also the benefit . Gua sha is one technique that intentionally raises sha rash or petechiae. and gua sha is absolutely a natural theraphy. However the guasha often does not have to be done to the point of creating the red rash.



Acustimulation and Peizoelectric Stimulus for Home and Clinic Therapy

Another very important mode of treatment that is used in the clinic but also is taught for home rehabilitation is stimulating acupressure points.

There are a myriad of ways to stimulate pressure points on the body to bring a desired healing effect.

One very simple but such an effective method is the Peizoelectric Stimulator. This simple device creates an electric dishcarge. The practitioner can apply it to an acupressure point. But even more fascinating is that if the therapist is to contact the skin of the patient with the other hand then the small electric current will run all the way from the Peizoelectric stimulator all the way to the spot that the therapist is touchiung the person. This is so handy for flushing a little spark of energy along the merdiian or nerve pathway. It is simple cheap and effective. The Peizoelectric stimulator does not work of battery or house electricity. It works by a little crystal in the device and when a mechanical pressure is applied across that crystal it releases a spark of eneryg similar to static electricity.

I have found this little tools such a good adjunct for moving eneryg along the merdiians. It also is greatly beneficial for pain releave when other methods such as chiropratic and acupuncture are used. You can also do the Peizoelectric stimulator between acupuncture needles.

These methods for body work emotional work and also facial cosmetic home acustimulation therpay are taught at the Balanced for Life and Health Seminars.