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Testimonials for seminars

What can I say?

It was a joy to learn so much in such a short time!

Terry puts his loving personality into eveything he says and does.

He is truly Blessed

It will take me some time to digest it all....and that will be fun

Thanks Terry you are a marvel

Marlene Bekett-Cooper

Since fist seeing Terry just over a year ago about a knee problem my health both physical and mental have improved immenseley. I feel and (I think) look years younger, my energy levels and belief in myself have increased dramatically. Most of all I have learnte how to interact with the energies around me and harness them to help me live a full and healthy life.

I have always felt there wwas an energy out there to connect to. Terry has shown me how.

Dale Godlfinch

Beef Cattle Farmer


I would just like to extend my thank you for today Terry. I'm a person who is new to acknowledging and tapping into the spiritual path... Blessed horizons gave me inspiration, guidance and more clarity into my inner being and what power is within me and all. I have really taken away knowledge and tools that will extend beyond not only me but others I will come into contact with. 

Nothing is a coincidence and I know I was meant to be in that room today to learn and grow. Thank you... Your presence and caring nature is truly respected and appreciated. 
Kind regards... Kate 

Kind Regards,

Kate Geronimi

Registered Nurse 


Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledg eaned expanding my understanding. I feel like I am finally heading in the right direction with health and purpose. Thanks for the help.

Kerry Rowley Mother of 3 and Student Naturopathy

This was my first workshop. I found it was tailored to everyones needs and spirirtual levels, The theory and practical were well balanced.


Thank you Terry for your kindness and inspiration. Reinforcing all this knowledge for me does definitely help with lifes little hiccups.

Pamela Moran


"I entered the program not sure what to expect. Being a PDHPE teacher and having done postgraduate studies in health, I wasn't sure if the material would cover information I didn't know. I was impressed and am excited to implement the diet and exercise suggestions into my life." Cheryl Carrasco, Secondary Teacher.


'This has been a fun day full of information and practical tips. Terry shares information in such a fun way and although there is a lot to take in, I feel that I will assimilate just about everything into my life." Dominique Kropt.


“I have learnt so much more today. Terry is so inspiring and knowledgeable in some many differing areas. I’m now going to begin studies in Chinese Medicine and Remedies  to be qualified to help others. The warmth and compassion Terry brings to his consultations and now his workshops is incredible. The whole experience has been absolutely fantastic. Thank you so much for giving the opportunity to learn from you.” Des Tomlin, Dance Teacher.


“I just loved the workshop: the venue, the subjects, the information and teaching, the interactive times, not pushing any products. Overall 10 out of 10 for presentation!” Gabriela Lienert, Cleaner


"I thoroughly enjoyed Balanced for Health and Life Seminar 19/1/2013.
It is still processing with me today. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to learn from Terry.
How fortunate to have such a highly qualified, highly experienced, highly professsional and
thoughtful Practitioner working amongst us here." Stefanie Hodgson, BADance, Grad Dip Ed (Primary)


“Terry is a professional presenter with deep knowledge and understanding of his unique and invaluable subject matter. His workshops consistently cause me to widen my vision and become more aware.” Gai Wade, Teacher.


“I thoroughly enjoyed Balanced for Health and Life Seminar 19/1/2013. It is still processing with me today. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to learn from Terry. How fortunate to have such a highly qualified, highly experienced, highly professional  and thoughtful Practitioner working amongst us here.


Terry provided purposeful, meaningful, effective, challenging yet practical content relevant to the needs of the participants. I fully appreciated the whole day. The learning environment was exceptional, with all need being catered for ie. Kitchen facilities, home baked refreshments, tea, free ventilation with plenty of off street parking.

The content was presented for optimum quality learning experience. The use of technology [ie. Power Point presentation], resources, theory and practise was dynamic and provided opportunity for engaged, purposeful learning. The thoughtfully selected tools and remedies supported the purpose of the content. Effective, practical and affordable solutions to common health setbacks, were attainable or possible for everyone.

On a personal level, the knowledge shared by Terry added value, weight, depth and direction to the mindset and appealed to changing perception. The success of integrating  the content into everyday life is likely and possible. Furthermore the content embraced the mind, body, spirit connection. It is holistic in nature.

The seminars are empowering people through connection also. That is, bringing people together with a common interest. I would like to extend my gratitude to Terry and family for being here and offering these learning opportunities!

Terry’s seminar provided inspiring, practical and affordable ways to improve health and life, coming from a place of balance. Words can’t express the possibilities of such work, except that it helps me to access and sustain joy in the heart for positive living.”

Stefanie Hodgson, BA Dance, Grad Dip Ed (Primary)


“I enjoyed the workshop VERY MUCH and learnt so much more about educating ME to better health and awareness! The whole session was well balanced – mind, spirit and body. I now have more tools to work with…. I really enjoyed the whole day – meeting like-minded talking about what we do with our health/bodies and spiritual outlook on life. Terry thank you so very much for all your expertise and hard work you put into the seminar. Hope you take good care of yourself and time out so we all can enjoy and learn all you have to give and say. Thank you so very much.” Marilyn Owens


“This corse provided tools for self-treatment of health concerns. I look forward to using them.” Caroline Fowler


“Was a great day. Learnt lots and had a good time.” Alysha Curtis


“ I found the seminar very helpful in many ways – mind, body and spirit.” Nancy McWhinney, Cash Processor


“Was a full-on day but reinforced the physical, mental and spiritual side of my being and their necessary integration for a balanced and healthy life.”


Testimonials for Blessed Horizons Workshop


‘Terry’s seminars are always a wonderful learning experience. They not only attract like minded people who are looking to learn shills to improve the lives of their families and themselves, Terry presents his knowledge in a very confident, seemingly easy way that creates a sense of being able to do anything we choose to work at. The passion and love he carries within himself, he radiates out to everyone attending his seminar. I had a tremendous personal healing experience in the company of four wonderful people participating in one of Terry’s demonstrations. The result of this healing has brought about a letting go of so much pain, it will be of great benefit for the rest of my life. For that I give gratitude to this amazing man, Terry Power and Vinny, his wife. Thank you.” Nancy Degoia, Spiritual Advisor and Counsellor.


I”I very much enjoyed my Blessed Horizons day with Terry Power. He is energetic  and informative. I have learnt useful information to apply in daily life. The connection with the other people attending was warm and heartfelt.” Sue Hallett, Registered Nurse.


“The course was full of practical and useful knowledge. Terry is generous and giving with sharing his wealth of knowledge and expertise.” Deborah Oldfield, Partnership Broker.


“Thank you for a lovely day and sharing your broad knowledge of energy medicine. Your genuine, caring nature was evident throughout the day.” Caroline Fowler, Project Manager.



“Thankyou so much for your Seminar on Energy Awareness. I discovered so much and you taught me a whole new method of accessing our energies. We got to practice on other participants to experience for ourselves how these marvels of nature work.


"What impressed me is now I understand how you  work with patients to illuminate how physical problems are linked to our emotions. Also that I can actually duplicate this technique for myself!

I learned, through your charming and expert tutoring, that we can affect our mental and physical wellbeing by focus and touch of chakra centres, meridians, sound vibrations and our organs.

My healthy lifestyle is enhanced now by knowing that I have enormous power at my disposal to tap into my, and others',  emotional and physical conditions through touch, thought and some understanding of eastern and western energy medicine theory and practice.

Although I am a beginner with these understandings I have the confidence now to practice these techniques to become more adept at self knowledge and healing.

Thankyou so much Terry and I wish to recommend your seminars to everyone I know.”

Simone Gallon,  English/Maths teacher.



“The workshop gave me an open, clearing space to work in. It was a very positive experience.”


“Thank you Terry, informative, practical and inspiring. Love your infective enthusiasm for what you teach and the clarity with which you deliver the information.”


"The workshop was more then I expected...Thank you Terry for the information you have shared with us all, I loved the way you call upon God throughout the seminar as it is a coming together of both spirit and your practice." Vickie Wickham, Kempsey


"My spirit felt exactly where it needed to be today. To know that Divine Guidance and self-healing on an energetic and emotional - physical level is my responsibility and within my ability is empowering. To challenge emotional limiting beliefs, to heal, expand, grow and experience my life in new ways is exciting." Sonia Thompson, Mid-North Coast NSW


"The group sessions were uplifting and inspiring. This seminar was excellent, thank you. It was good to realise alot of people have the same feelings, doubts ad fear as each other. And an inspirational way of helping each other past these things." Annette Tang, Mid North Coast NSW


"Lots of information, excellent. Practical." Lisa Perkins Mid-North Coast, NSW.


"Very good atmosphere created for helpful and healing transformation. Many valuable tools shared and demonstrated in an enjoyable, loving manner." Simon Mervyn-Jones, Chiropractor.


"Content thoroughly researched and divine inspiration in the creativity. I am sure his care and passion shine through. Terry's presentation was both professional, informative and very engaging. Responsive to participant needs. In this seminar  I discovered that the purest form of energy is Divine Energy and I was shown skills that enable me to connect to this energy and utilise it in my everyday life. I feel deeply grateful and encouraged by this and I am already living a more loving and energised life." Michele Clear, Brisbane.