Balanced for Health and Life Seminar

The Balanced for Health and Life Seminars developed out of a necessity.

The necessity was two fold- firstly personally and secondly professionally.

Personally I was raised in a household where regular healthy exercise was a normal way of life, eating was very healthy and therapeutic treatments were routine- my father amongst other things was a clinical hypnotherapist so he understood planting good thoughts into the person. However as my family grew and as my Chiropractic and natural health care and Acupuncture practice grew to being extraordinarily busy I lacked time. So exercise was one aspect of life that took a back seat. This was unfortunate.

I realised that if we were to exercise the amount that is ideal every day, and if we were to visualise things in our life and do affirmations every day and if we were to plan our life and if we were to meditate and pray every day as well properly then if we are to plan our meals and prepare them the way we are meant to do. Something happens- there is not much time left over for working and family. So out of necessity i wanted a profoundly effective system of exercising of the body and mind and spirit TOGETHER. At the same time in a way that is effective and rewarding.


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Secondly I had a very busy practice and so I only had enough time to treat people. However what about teaching them to look after themselves and to rehabilitate their problems themselves. What about developing themselves and their lives. This is of utmost importance which I was not doing as well as I should.

So what I did is over many years I developed a system that is effective for doing this for myself. Where i regained my strength and vitality coordination and also enthusiasm for what I am in life. Then I adapted that system for my patients so that they could gain enormous benefits if they just practice the simple methods taught.

They can then self treat their own maladies. They can self treat their own mindset. They can take and create charge on their life. Then when they see me for treatment it is at a totally different level. It is from a level where my treatments truly work at a new level. Because they are doing their bit between times. This has the effect of creating a profound sense of empowerment for the patients. They are no longer just passive passengers.



They learn to uplift their mind, to balance their body in its strength fitness tone and flexibility. But they do this for the most important part of their body- their mind and they do that WITH their bodily exericses. They learn a system that can be done anywhere. The reason was that even though I love Gyms- i personally had six children and a wife and many animals (pets) at home needing some of me. So I did not feel good about working a long day then escaping to the gym. So I exercise my body and mind and spirit at home where they all see me doing this and they all can be a part of that process and learn for themselves. It becomes a way of life. Something that can be done anywhere with the most simple items to help you.

This system is not just something that I made up- although I have pushed the envelope in creativity in developing something that is unique. But it is based solidly in cutting edge science of exercise and physiology and also of mind and thinking techniques. It is also based on my experience- I grew up as I said with exercise as a very important part of my life- I went to the World Championships trampolining, Australian Championships high dive and springboard diving, and State championships Gymnastics. I was an avid cross country runner and also my father was a professional boxer and wrestler. He taught us how to fight all through our lives. I did end up having three amateur fights which i won all of them- two on technical knock out. However I gave up competition because it was not akiin to my heart of kindness to others and my belief in looking after the nervous system. But as a system of training and also philosophy of self defense and family protection it is a wonderful art which I also teach my children.


Learning some basics of health in the form of proven herbs nutrients and remedies that everyone should know about to look after themselves and their loved ones is also an important part of this seminar.

This is the balanced for health and life Seminar.

But beyond that we teach effective methods of self massage self pressure pointing and also in this world where their is growing importance on our looks we teach a home method of treating and preventing wrinkles which is based in cosmetic acupuncture- but instead of using needles we teach it with with other effective tools that you can use at home.


So hence out of necessity i gained a system that saved my own body- I was breaking down- I am now stronger and healthier and more vital. As I should be as a health care provider. Also now my patients and the patients of other therapists are gaining this system for themselves.

I believe whole heatedly in this system. If I did not I would not put it on.

It is my pleasure to share it with you in the Balanced for Health and Life seminar. Please check our next seminar and come and join us with other like minded people.


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