Continuous Multiple Isometrics

So what exactly are continuous Multiple Isometrics.

Iso means one- and metric means length So Iso-Metric Meas one lenght. Therefore an isometric exercise is where we contract our muscles against a load or rigid barier but we apply pressure in such a way that our muscles do not actually make any headway. They maintain one lenght- even though the actual attempt is to move through the virutally imovable barrier.

We do this applied to say a rope. So the rope has a very strong tensile strength- for example the rope I use has a tensile strength of over three thousands pounds of pressure. Thats equivallent to a LOT of weight.

So for example if I have weights and I want to bench press with my chest pecs- 200 pounds. I need to have 200 pounds or weights with me and a bar bell and a bench press. But wiht isoemtrics all you need is a rope that can withstand the pressure of my bench press. My rope easily does that job at 3000 pounds of tensile strenght.

So I can "bench press" against the rope with up to 3000 pounds of pressure from my muscles before the rope will start to break. Now thats pretty strong. I wont every make that.

However lets say I am feeling really strong one day- i might choose to put in 100% of my effort- lets say for pure arguments sake that I am capable of bench pressuing 250 pounds- I can apply that load through the rope no troubles- it will resist me- However lets say on todays workout I feel really tired and fatigued- so I put in ten percent effort- lets pertend that if I apply ten percent of my effort on a day where I feel slugish then I would be pressing say 20 pounds of weights. Well with the rope no trouble- I dont have to change the rope- I just apply the different pressure ot the rope and it resists me all the same.

So in a rope that is pretty light- a rope that I can take anywhere virtually- i have something that I can do a full body workout and mind workout with somethign that fits inside my suitcase or backpack and I can do that in a small areea in my room.

SO what is continuous multiple isometrics- well the downfall of the isometrics is that with weights it takes our muscles and joints through a full range of motion. However with ISO- METRICS we only load the muslce in one position. SO what I have done is adapted isometrics to MULTIPLE isometrics to more closely MIMICK the effect of taking a weight through its proper range of motion. So now the isometrics is not longer deficinent to the weights- and the rope quiickly adaps to the effort put in. So we can do 40 pounds a hundred times or we can do 200 pounds ten times. Its all up to us. What we choose there is no changing weights and there is no heavy equipment- it is fully portable- to the beach to your room or to a car par or the headland When and where you want.

The added bonus of this system is that we uise VISUALISATION. Here we adapt many systems but one of them that we adapt is Benjamins Franklins 13 virtues and we viusalise them working and applied to our life.

We also can go further- most of life is made up of relationships- so we ulitsise 55 principles of healthy realtionships. So we can meditate on these factors and how they can work in our life while we exercise our energy system via our muscles.

Finally we have adapted Many different movments and positons to correlate with different parts of the scriptures- Lets face it the scriputres have enormous energy and they have inspired people for thousands of years. IF you go into the heart of what they are saying then they are very beautiful and peaceful.

So we have adapted some multiple continious isometrics and also isotonics using our rope along with some of the scriptures most important teachings and meditations.

So here in a nutshell is an explanation of CMI Continuous Multiple Isometrics.