CMI Continuous Mulitiple Isometrics

Terry has been interested in health all his life and also in physical development.

Over many years he has developed a system of strengthening the body, improving its flexibility and so enhancing rehabilitation.

He founded a system of isometrics called continuous multiple isometrics that he believes is not only as good as but better than weight systems- but is completely portable and can be used to rehabilitate any area of soft tissue or joint and bone.

By Strengthening the muscles there is also an effect of increasing bone density. This is extremely important in our present day era.

Also By increasing strenght we are also combating the aging process significantly. We are also aiding the bodies organs to functions more healthfully thus playing an important role in healing the body.

Terry's system of continuous multiple isometrics is therefore also adapted to help the body heal of many different health problems.

THis is because each muscle relates to certain meridians and organs. Thus by exercising them in sequence and with the right mental thought or image then we are actually retraining our body and mind to heal effectively.

So just as certain pressure points can be stimulate in certain sequences to bring about healing of the body and improved ability and health. Likewise certain exercises can be done in certain orders in certain ways to bring about a shift in energy dynamics and physiological functioning that then also causes a healing response to our body mind and spirit.

This system as mentioned is called continuous multiple isometrics. There is an art to it. We teach it at our seminar Balanced for Health and Life however we will also have a section that takes you through the program on the web site in the future.