Chiropractic care was discovered and invented by a great intellect with a phenomenal abiltiy.

Daniel David Palmer  or DD Palmer was greatly interested in Human health so he became a magnetic healer originally - realising that the human body had electromagnetic fields around and through it.

Helping people to heal was always his interest- however it was when a deaf Janitor came to him that DD somehow inquired of him what happened. Harvey Lilard said seventeen years ago that he looked up and got a crick in his spine. When that occurred he could not hear. DD Palmer laid the Janitor Harvey Lilard down and felt his spine- feeling his spine was wracked out of place he applied a force and it clicked. When it clicked it felt like to DD Palmer that it was sitting in a better place. The Janitor could then HEAR.

You can imagine the intrigue and excitement and sense that they had discovered something extremely important - and apparently at first DD Palmer thought he had discovered a cure for deafness. However what he discovered was that the spine does influence the health of every organ gland and body tissue in the body. THat DD Palmer had successfully removed the nerve energy interference or impediment to functioning- that when he removed that then the rivers of electricity could flow properly. Thus restoring Havey Lillards hearing.

Since then many many ailments have healed or been aided by the use of the hands in removing electrical nerve interference.

Much like going to a switch board circuit on a house- if one of the circuits is flicked off then whatever that circuit feeds will not work.

The spine is like the bodies switch board. However in fact interference to the nerve system can occur anywhere in the body.

DD Palmer I believe still held on to many concepts about magnetic healing- one important aspect was that the Chiropractic adjustment be done by hand. In fact the word Chiros in Greek means Hand. So it means practice by hand. Chiropractic. However to be fair there are many chiropractic techniques now that include hand held instruments- these are still done by hand because the instrument is held in the hand. Just an extension to the hand is used in some sort of device.

So the difference of the house switchboard with the human body is that often the spine switch board is not switched off all the way- it is irritated where the electric circuits are either ramped up too much or ramped down too much. So it is not like it is just switched of but it is interfered with.

However the body in its amazing wisdom is often able to adapt to even these bodily interferences and so it adapts it functioning up or down to accommodate. However sometimes the bodies intelligence just cannot adapt as well as is ideal. So the health is then interfered with.

However I personally contend that it is not just the mechanics of the adjustment but the energetics of the adjustments that are done in order to bring the best responses.

The word adjustment was used rather than manipulation. To manipulate something is where you take it through various motions in no particular direction and articulate it. This can be an important method however the adjsutment adds more refinement to the whole concept.

If we take the word apart to ad- just something is to add to its "just"- if something is "just" Then it is fair and in proper balance and alignemnt. Both physically as well as energetically. So when we do an ad"justment" we are making it more just more well functioning to itself. When we manipulate we are moving something again with the hand as the Man in manipulate indicates the hands as well- just as the word manual means "hand". It actually originally meant to handle skillfully by hand. So truly the word to adjsut is to add to its alignment and balance but the adjustment is a form of manipulation as it is of course handled skillfully by hand. However just becuase something is handled skillfully by hand does not mean it has had just added to it. It may still be physically or energetcially out of balance.

 IF we adjust the breaks on your bike we add enough tension and function to the breaks so they work appropriately for what it needs to do.

If we just tighten the breaks then we may be tightening them too much for what they need to do and making it impossible for the wheels to turn or to hard for the childs hand to pull the break on. We need to adjust the breaks for the rider. Just tightening the breaks may be a manipulation but it is not necessrily an adjustment.

So an adjustment in respect to the life force of the human or animal must be done in consideration of all the working parts- it must be done in the correct timing at the correct depth to move energy in the right direction for the purposes of the adjustment at hand. It must be done in the right attitude of the practitioner and the patient. The patient needs to learn to receive the adjustment so that it allows it to work and to take.



1. LIFE is intelligently designed and able to heal, adapt, and function in Balance, Harmony, and Ease.


2. Your Innate Life Energy (the inborn power source that makes you alive) uses your brain and nerve system to send its life-giving messages (mental impulses) to coordinate / organize / direct all the functions of life…so you can live at EASE and adapt better to stress in your environment.


3. Every cell in your body needs a clear neurological connection to the brain in order to function optimally. A reduction OR partial LOSS of this vital brain-to-body connection diminishes the flow of life-giving messages…this state of LESS life energy in the body is called subluxation.


4. The results of an incomplete connection to your life energy are: incomplete adaptation, disharmony, imbalance, DIS-ease, and altered cellular function.


5. Every single Symptom, Sickness, Syndrome, Disorder, Dysfunction, and Disease known to man results from Altered Cellular Function, LOSS of Coordination & Organization, and a Decreased Ability to fully Adapt to Stress.


6. Because of the intimate relationship between the SPINE and NERVE SYSTEM, the spine must maintain proper alignment and balance for the nerves to maintain proper tone and function. A Specific Scientific Chiropractic Adjustment can improve spinal function AND restore your brain-to-body neurological CONNECTION.


7. The natural result of maintaining a clear connection between brain & body is: LIFE more at EASE.
We expect MORE coordination, balance, harmony, cellular homeostasis, healing & improved health, optimal function, and an on-going movement toward wellness and wholeness.


Intimate relationship between the Spinal Column and Nervous System

Why does chiropractic impact every part of your life? -- Intimate Relationship between the Spinal Column and Nervous System

This NEW way of thinking can help anyone better manage their life, adapt more constructively to stress, and grow stronger and healthier by keeping these things in the proper perspective.

You can be happy, healthy, and whole again!
In fact, this vibrant energetic new way of life is normal and expected once CONNECTION is restored and maintained over time. If this sounds too good to be true OR if these BIG IDEAS are just too simple to accept at face value, forgive me…and don’t shoot the messenger! ;o)
“We hold these truths to be self-evident…”, easy enough for children to understand, and quite liberating for open-minded adults of all ages.

TRUTH and revolutionary concepts are often found in small simple things.
VITALISM may be a NEW concept, but go ahead and grab ahold of it…