Clinic Case Studies

This section is coming soon

As new rules regarding health care providers - there is now rigorous prevention of practitioenrs to advertise patient testimonials with the results the patient has gleaned from methods of treatment given.

However as an alternative what is perfectly acceptable to science is case studies- that is a case under study where a patient obtains a certain result.

With a testimonial it is written by the patient- however with a case study it is written by the pracitioner outlining the procedures and information pertaining to that case.

So in our desire to obey the legistlation of the land- even though we dont personally agree with it. Because we beleive it is a method of stifling free speech and also information that many people would want to gain access too. However we dont have to agree- only obey. However we can do what is legal and we will be writing up case studies of people who have had treatemnts and the effect that has had on their health either physically chemcially or emotionally.