Smoothie Nutrition Breaky for Adults and Fussy Kids

For even fussier kids strain the smoothie at the end before serving.

**In addition lately I have been placing some Goji berries and some sunflower seeds and a few cashews and almonds and walnuts togther with some dates in a bowl the night before- I pour some hot water on it and let it sit overnight- then in the morning I blend them up smooth very smooth first before adding all the other ingredients- makes the smoothie extra nutritious and really nice to drink. Just dont overdoe the amount of nuts and seeds- just use a little bit. 

If it is winter if the coconut oil is solid just put some hot water on it to melt before pouring into the mix. Otherwise you get chunks of coconut oil the kids dont like.

The Black Pepper oil also increases absorption of nutrients in the GUT.

Many supplement manufacterers will put black pepper in thier forumulas to increase absorption of the good nutrients.

I believe that breakfast is one of the most important meals.

Treatments work but we need good life force through foods to activate them. 

Having a regular chiropractic adjustment to enhance our physiology but also added a meridian balance trough acupuncture or pressure points I believe is an extremely important requirment for our physical and emotionals health. It protects our health and also sustains us for longevity - not only longevity but quality.

However even the best treatments cannot work if the nutrients and life force through food is not there. So what we do is make sure proper live food vitality- This smoothie is one way that I provide that to my family most days. The other days I uusally make a veggie juice for them.  

We have gone without food all night- so it is like a mini fast- so when we wake up- or when we get to having our first meal- our cells are really ready to take in nutrition.

They are craving some. It is like they are now running more on empty. So they are craving to take in some nutrients.

So its like this- imagine your grass on your lawn- you have weeds- and there has been a lot of rain- so you decide to go and spray some poisons on them. You do so- however the plants have just come out of a period of abundant rain- SO the point being they dont really suck in the poison as much because they have already had a good drink. HOWEVER if there has been some dry weather- THEN if you go and spray the poisons onto the weeds- Their cells are thirsty so they suck up the water and the poisons more so.

SO the same with our body! Over the night our body is getting ready for some nutrients and some good qualty fluids

So are we going to feed it poisonous foods. Or do we give it some really good nutrition to really soak up. Taking those same nutrients later in the day when you have already soaked the cells with some food does not work as well. So the first meal is more improtant to get the nutrients into the cells.