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Artery Plumbing Job- unblock congesting arteries

Artery plumbing job

First of all the arteries are lined by fats in the form of lipids that collect on the artery wall due to the inflammation that has hurt the artery. The plaque is also full of platelets and often minerals such as calcium. There is often other minerals as well. We believe imbedded in all that is also other chemicals that have started the inflammation- so there may be allergens or toxins or viruses or bacteria or even parasites that have had a role in the inflammation.

Then to stop the inflammation burning a hole in the artery the body patches it up with some platelets and fats and calcium. But after a while that can thicken up too much and it needs stripping back.

So we treat to turn down the inflammation also to detox the chemicals involved but to also dissolve the fat and calcium plaque.

First to take one teaspoon of turmeric a day in a glass of water is great for detox but also for inflammation everywhere in the body including the arteries.

Second to once a week to take a third of a teaspoon of cayenne pepper in a glass of milk to again give a cleansing effect to the arteries.

Then also to take every day a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar- put it in a glass of water- use apple cider vinegar that is in a dark bottle and that has the mother in it. Preferably without honey in it. Drink that most days but every third or fourth day skip it and instead have a small amount of bicarb soda in a glass of water.

The apple cider vinegar is a weak chelating agent and so gradually helps to pull out the calcium and other minerals that are lining the artery that should not be there.

Next also the role of digestive enzymes- once to twice a week take EIGHT digestive enzymes on an empty stomach- do not eat or drink anything for twenty minutes after- the idea is to get the enzymes to tidy up much in the gut but also to be absorbed and for them to tidy and digest up muck in the arteries. They really do this. It helps but you have to take a fair bit.

The final thing apart from looking after your diet is once every six weeks- now this is not a joke- it truly helps- it is not exactly natural and if you want to use the other methods wihtout this one then you can- however I have found this remedy to dissolve kindey stones- so just think what they will do to the calcium lining the arteries and also mingled in with the transfats that are cloging your arteries- you get a 1.25 liter bottle of coca cola- the one that is NOT artificially sweetened added as that is a neurotoxin- the phosphoric acid in the coke will erode and digest the calcium and even fat content in the arteries- they have been known to dissolve kidney stones by drinking that amount of coke- but the thing is that you have to get the blood concentration of phosphoric acid up quickly and a fair bit- so you have to drink the coke bottle as quickly as is physically possible- Coke under most circumstances is not good for you- but we need to strip the inside of the arteries of the calcium and gunk so that it does not build up any more and give you a stroke.

Also once every two months have a full week of a juice fast- that is a whole week of only juices as outlined in t he juice master diet. I will email you the details of that- this is essential for your detoxing and also your reducing inflammation levels in your body.

We also need you to by doing some exercises that challenge your aerobic and anaerobic fitness but that is too much info for now- start with just this for now.