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Here we cover aspects of therapy treatments adjustments as well as mindsets, exercises, and many methods to heal through nature and spirit. Through noble thoughts and actions.

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Update on binge eating and toddlers constipation case

Posted by on in Uncategorized
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I would like to update you on a case that we have mentioned before

The case of the binge eating that was not normal for the patient but had now been going on for years.

We treated the patient for what was found on muscle testing to be parasites. We believed the parasites were “hijacking” her brain and desires. Making her urge to eating more and more carbohydrates and sugars that in fact the parasite’s want.

We treated her for parasites and also gave some herbs for them. By treating I mean that we work on her spine reflex point and acupuncture meridians to reboot her system into dealing with internal parasites better.

After the first treatment there was a significant change and then at the third treatment she reported that she only binge eats now if she is having some social alcohol which isn’t often.

I suspect that some parasites are left and that they are stirred up by the alcohol. But also of course the alcohol will reduce the resolve of the patient. In addition alcohol is a form of sugar.

We also discussed further emotion s of guilt in reference to eating like this. Not to take away the emotion but to balance her for it so that it does not throw her out more into the behaviour that she does not want. We also accepted a certain amount of binge eating under some circumstances- as long as it is more on the very occasional side. We equaled  it to having a feast as many people have had throughout societies for many reasons.

So far then we are very happy with the outcome of this patient.

Now the case of the toddler

A toddler  was brought  in with chronic constipation- quite severe where he would only have a bowel motion now every two to three weeks.  When he did have bowel motion it was very distressing because it was very painful. I have treated this before and so was quite confident of helping him. But every case is different and what we had to treat the other children for is not really what we had to treat this child for.

We muscle /energy tested what could be the problem and we came up with an allergy to eggs but in addition a sensitivity to plastics- the plastics was by far the greater reactor on muscle testing.

So I started to adjust the childs system on how it reacts to plastics. After all plastics are right through our foods and in our society.  A lot of our clothes that are synthetic are petroleum based and so are plastic like. So many foods are wrapped in plastics and stored our drinks in it and cooked in it.

IN fact even beer- recently scientists have found that out of ALL the beer tested they were ALL found to have microfibers of plastics in them.

So I suspected that this child had a sensitivity to plastics and so when they came through his system he could not adapt well and so reacted badly.

So I started to treat his spinal points and meridian acupuncture pints to help his little system adapt better and to detox the plastics in the gut.

However the mum said yes that is how it all started. I said what do you mean. She said that his bowels were normal. Until he swallowed a piece of Lego. The Lego in his system was verified by ultrasound or some sort of scan. However the toddler did eventually pass the piece of Lego. BUT the problem remained.

So we treated him for the plastics to help his body detox and bounce back. I also worked on his bowels directly through the abdominal wall and also I suggested he take some digestive enzymes.

Not how they are normally taken but to put two or three capsules- pull them apart and put them in his morning water bottle before he eats anything. Then not to eat for half an hour. The ideas is that we don’t want the enzyme’s to digest his food that he is eating. We want it to digest the build of impacted faeces in the bowel and to break down the gunk in the bowel.

Anyway after the first treatment the child went to the toilet normally four days in a row. The child the first day said to the mother- “mummy I did a poo”. But the mother did not really believe it because normally he would be in such agony that she normally would know he had a bowel motion.

But the child was not kidding and was telling the truth.

Then after the second treatment he now goes regularly every second day. Our real goal now is to get him to go at least once a day which is what we consider to be healthy. Some natural health practitioner’s even believe we should have a bowel elimination after every meal. But we are not aiming for that. We are aiming for once a day. That will be a great level for him.

This child is a treasure to treat and he enjoys our treatments on his body and spine. Because he feels the difference and can tell it is good for him but also because on the computer in the treatment room I put on YouTube and put on his favourite show.

I Hope you find these interesting

Kind regards

Terry Power

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Terry is a second generation Chiropractor Acupuncturist Natural Health care practitioner and Hypnotherapist who uses guided visualisation and meditations and prayers.

He uses traditional Chinese acupuncture, five element acupuncture and also Chiropractic techniques. Combined with kinesiology to evaluate the systems of the body and using treatments and also herbs and nutrients to aid the body and mind.

Terry helps people also through his seminars of Blessed Horizons Seminars and Balanced for Health and Life Seminars, and Soul Journey Seminars.

He is married with six children. He believes in adding value to people and his world.

He is a Christian who deeply admires the examples and ways of Christ.


  • Guest
    Martha Lee Thursday, 25 September 2014 · Delete

    The moral of the story: Don't eat Lego ;). I had no idea that beer could possibly have plastic in it. Very interesting piece.

  • Guest
    Jenny Friday, 26 September 2014 · Delete

    Terry, I love the way you openly tackle these common but often embarrassing body function challenges. I wish I had known about the hollistic approach when my own children were young. And lego oh dear but I do wonder, is that how the saying 'a square meal' came into being. :) Thank you again Terry for your wonderful insights.

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