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Effect of Cocoa Flavanols on Memory Enhancement and more ..

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Welcome to this issue of our Health newsletter/ blog

Effect of Cocoa Flavanols on Memory Enhancement and more ..

Firstly, I would like to share with you what I consider to be an EXTREMELY important study.

Most people see the terrible effects of cognitive decline and memory failure so Lets explore some recent insights into very effective memory enhancers from quite a few different perspectives

In a recent exciting study, researchers gave flavanols in the form of cocoa to people - you see a component of cocoa has been found to reverse age-related memory loss in healthy adults aged 50-69. The rejuvenating effect can be traced to increased blood flow in a specific region of the brain, say the researchers.

This is the first direct link that age-related forgetfulness is caused by changes in a specific part of the brain. It is also the first piece of evidence that memory decline can be reversed by a change in diet.

A specially prepared cocoa drink was fed to a sample of 37 older adults daily for three months. For some, the drink contained a large quantity of flavanols, which are found naturally in cocoa, tea and a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. For the others, the drink was largely free of the compound.

Tests found that those in the high-flavanol group had significantly improved memories at the end of the test than at the beginning. Brain scans showed that blood volume in a part of the brain called the dentate gyrus had also improved.

“If a participant had the memory of a typical 60-year-old at the beginning of the study, after three months that person on average had the memory of a typical 30- or 40-year old,” said Scott A Small, a professor of neurology and director of the Alzheimer’s disease Research Centre at the Taub Institute at Columbia University Medical Center.

The dentate gyrus (DG) is a region in the hippocampal formation whose function declines in association with human aging and is therefore considered to be a possible source of age-related memory decline.

“We addressed this issue by first using a high-resolution variant of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to map the precise site of age-related DG dysfunction and to develop a cognitive task whose function localized to this anatomical site. Then, in a controlled randomized trial, we applied these tools to study healthy 50–69-year-old subjects who consumed either a high or low cocoa–containing diet for 3 months.

A high-flavanol intervention was found to enhance DG function, as measured by fMRI and by cognitive testing. Our findings establish that DG dysfunction is a driver of age-related cognitive decline and suggest non-pharmacological means for its amelioration.”

Now there are oodles of recent research showing that exercise also makes drastic improvements to our memory and brain health.  These have been outlined by Professor Restak who has written more than twenty textbooks on brain function.

So please don't just rely on cocoa - but it is interesting that in this study all they did was add cocoa. It is not clear if the cocoa had extra fortification of flavanols added to it.

However what I would suggest to really make a difference to your brain and memory health and longevity, is to use cocoa - but NOT chocolate. You see the chocolate has a large amount of sugar added to it. Use the cocoa then if you need to add a bit of sweetener then use honey, coconut sugar or maple syrup. These are still sugars but they are more natural. They come more balanced with other nutrients. Don’t get me wrong we are better off without even them. However if you need to make the cocoa a bit more palatable (since cocoa is quite bitter)  then that is the best way to do it.

In addition what I have started to do is add extra flavanols in the form of pine bark. This pine bark extract is a particularly world renowned powerful antioxidant. We stock at the clinic a pine bark extract that also has within it a potent green tea extract that is just loaded with flavanols and antioxidants. Adding that to the cocoa drink is enjoyable and really good for your brain.

Then I go even a step further - I have come to greatly believe in the natural aromatherapy oils. You can add just one drop of an exquisitely prepared natural essential oil such as Frankincense, Rosemary or Peppermint. Just one drop is all you need of ONE of these. But make sure the essential oil quality is extremely good such as those from  DoTerra that we stock at our clinic or the Young Living oils as these are pure enough to take internally whereas others are not.

The single drop of oil makes the cocoa really nice but honestly I can sense or feel the effects on my brain health straight away on drinking it. The drink is delicious as well.

Please remember that what is truly good for the brain is exercise that strengthens our muscles, stretches them and adds to our tone and fitness including cardiovascular health exercises. If you don't have a program then have a look at my CMI (Continuous Multiple Isometrics) program which I developed and which I am continuing to refine and improve upon after years of application. This exercise program can be done anywhere.  This program can be learned by watching it online in our member’s area - for an inexpensive membership you can learn that plus a lot more. You can buy the DVD from our clinic or you can attend one of our Balanced For Health and Life Seminars.

In addition to this - a clear flow of energy along our meridians and also our nerve pathways is essential for brain health. In our clinic, through treatment we tend to these aspects by making sure we align the spine and also do cranial work where we release tensions in key points along the skull that affect the brain health and also affect the cerebrospinal fluid flow.

Meridian energy flow and also spinal health have important effects on the nerve functional patterns. In addition, in the clinic we use kinesiology to work out the types of irritants that exist for people’s brain and mind functioning.

I have found acupuncture to be extremely helpful to people even in quite advanced states of Alzheimer’s disease. There is a specialty focus on this in traditional Chinese Medicine.

Finally of course all parts of our body and mind needs to be USED. So utilising the memory on a daily basis is important for keeping it - the old adage "use it or lose it" usually ends up having a great truth to it.

So all in all by tending to a few basics as outlined above you are making sure that you keep the memory part of your brain in fantastic shape.

This is important - as not many things strike fear in people’s hearts more than seeing a loved one who is being rampaged by dementia.

There are simple things here that we can all do to make a true difference to how our brain works through our entire life.

Many people on the other hand have been able to keep their mind sharp as a tack till the time they have to depart our world at a very ripe old age. This is what we believe is the healthy normal. But to attain that sometimes we have to tend to basic needs of our health. Make a conscious choice to do what is good for you and enjoy the process as well as the benefits.

Yours in Vital Health


In our next newsletter I am inclined to write about some very satisfying cases - such as babies with colic and reflux who completely alleviated their symptoms and also some little girls who had nasty rashes that keep them awake at night time with the terrible itching, that with treatment using Chiropractic, Acupressure and Kinesiology they fully resolved in quite a short period of time.

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Terry is a second generation Chiropractor Acupuncturist Natural Health care practitioner and Hypnotherapist who uses guided visualisation and meditations and prayers.

He uses traditional Chinese acupuncture, five element acupuncture and also Chiropractic techniques. Combined with kinesiology to evaluate the systems of the body and using treatments and also herbs and nutrients to aid the body and mind.

Terry helps people also through his seminars of Blessed Horizons Seminars and Balanced for Health and Life Seminars, and Soul Journey Seminars.

He is married with six children. He believes in adding value to people and his world.

He is a Christian who deeply admires the examples and ways of Christ.


  • Guest
    Jenny Sunday, 02 November 2014 · Delete

    Terry a degrading memory is one of the great fears that many people have. Thank you for enhancing our knowledge on ways to extend and build our memory and overall health.

  • Guest
    Martha Lee Sunday, 09 November 2014 · Delete

    Terry, any idea of what is a good/helpful amount of cocoa to take? Although, as we are all different, perhaps the amount would actually differ from person to person.

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