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Here we cover aspects of therapy treatments adjustments as well as mindsets, exercises, and many methods to heal through nature and spirit. Through noble thoughts and actions.

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Boys Night Aching legs with behavioural issue and 93 year olds scaly rash

Posted by on in Uncategorized
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It is with pleasure that I write this next newsletter/blog about what can occur in treatment.

I want to share two cases with you. Both from different ends of ages. One a young kindy boy and one a young nearly 94 year old lady. Of course the people involved will remain nameless so that they continue to have complete privacy.

A mother had been in for treatment and as she obtained relief in what we were treating her for- that is her energy levels and bleeding noses. She felt that possibly I could also help her son who was in Kindy.

Her son was very very personable and obviously highly intelligent and energetic. He was very handsome young boy and his physique was well developed and apparently very good at sports. However his behaviour was a bit over the top at times. However we think the real reason for that was that he had aching legs- Every night he would go into the parents room- they in fact had a mattress set up beside theirs because he would get painful aching legs through the night. He would go into the parents and they would tend to his legs as best they could and then settle him in the mattress in their room.

So his sleep was being affected in fact the parents sleep was being affected as well.

There can be so many causes to this but we found their was a slight misalignment in his lower back.

But he also had sensitivity to salicylates and also alcohol! Beyond that he was sensitive to grains and nuts and an artificial sweetener. He was sensitive to eggs and also had a virus in his system and his system due to all these was running a bit acidic.

So the first treatment we focused on the worst ones which was the sensitivity to salicylates and alcohol. Now the parents of course do not give the child alcohol. However fruit sugars can ferment in our system causing a bit of alcohol to form in our digestive tract.

I expected that it may take a quite a few treatments to make a shift for the better but I knew this condition was as good as fixed. Because I have treated so many children over so many years. I just needed to do the work and get the right treatments into this wonderful boy.

The next week they came in again- behavioural issues seemed like they were totally rectified- and the aching legs- GONE. They had not had one night of aching legs and he had not gone into the parents bedroom once. Now I am a bit guarded because sometimes we can get an initial dramatic result but then the symptoms creep back in again. We will see. But for all intensive purposes I say that we have achieved the outcome that was desired.

However when I next saw the mother she said her sons legs were fabulous for over a week but had just started up a bit again. So obviously we need some more work to fully work out this issue. Which I am completely confident in. As we are still yet to treat the other sensitivities.

Our second case in this edition is a wonderful  and vibrant 93 year old just on the verge of 94 year old lady. She for the past two years was suffering with rashes and itches and terrible scales. The rash was all over her torso and face and the scales like I had never seen before were on her shins.

So when presented with something like this I go back to basics- just check what the body says. In this case the primary candidate showed again to be our friendly mites as we have discussed in a prior case. When I told her it was mites she looked astounded and said BUT I have had that checked- they did a medical test- took a scraping and there were no mites. I said to her well a scraping is only as good as the scrape sample so perhaps they missed that part that had mites and also I can only treat what I find and what shows and not what doesn’t show accroding to my energy testing/kinesiology - so I cannot prove it but lets just treat it the way your body is indicating.

As an aside this lady had stopped having massages because she felt she could not expect the massage therapist to work on her when she had this rash.

This lady had in an attempt to gain relief for these rashes prior had medical treatment naturopathic treatment Chinese herbs and she was at her wits end. She greatly respected all those practitioners its just they were not able to cinch the problem. She was driving past our clinic and the traffic ahead halted and so stopped her in front of our clinic- she read the part of the sign that said “allergies” and so made herself an appointment. She believed it was God that organised her to stop there.

So we treated her in the clinic for MITES- If you want to understand how a physical treatment of adjustments and pressure points and acupuncture can help with mites and rashes then have a read of

Anyway we treated her in the clinic however at times more than in clinic is needed. So I recommended to this lady home use of neem oil and also peppermint essential oil.

Within two weeks her legs and torso were 60-70% improved.  I will attach a photo of the improved legs. Now remember I had not taken a photo of the rash the first visit but it was totally covered. IN fact I had never seen a scaly rash like this before.I know that by continuing home treatment and also our in clinic treatment that we will have the legs totally clear of this rash.

Friends of the lady told her that she looked ten years younger. She felt so good and was so happy. I am convinced her condition will continue to improve till being completely resolved.


Blessed Horizons:--

Now also I want to draw your attention to our Blessed Horizons seminar workshop that we are holding on the 22nd November.  The last time we held this event it went over spectacularly well. Each time we give it they tend to get better and better. Because each time I get a bit closer to what people really truly need to master and how to get them to that place in the day.


If you are at all interested in kinesiology or self help of emotions and emotional blocks and also developing your intuition. Then this is the seminar for you. It is extremely cheap for what you get. Just one seminar that I used to go to used to be $1200 for a weekend a decade ago. I am taking the best of the best of decades of discovery and sharing it with you for a very good price.


I love empowering and giving at these events and it is a special day even just to spend it with people of like mind who are interested in these noble causes. The wonderful ways of thinking and being.


So I hope to see you there. If you know anyone who may be interested then if you can suggest they have a look at




Kind regards

Terry Power


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Terry is a second generation Chiropractor Acupuncturist Natural Health care practitioner and Hypnotherapist who uses guided visualisation and meditations and prayers.

He uses traditional Chinese acupuncture, five element acupuncture and also Chiropractic techniques. Combined with kinesiology to evaluate the systems of the body and using treatments and also herbs and nutrients to aid the body and mind.

Terry helps people also through his seminars of Blessed Horizons Seminars and Balanced for Health and Life Seminars, and Soul Journey Seminars.

He is married with six children. He believes in adding value to people and his world.

He is a Christian who deeply admires the examples and ways of Christ.


  • Guest
    Martha Lee Saturday, 18 October 2014 · Delete

    How wonderful that the lady has been able to receive help to improve her condition. And how wonderful that she saw the clinic sign! I hope you will post an update as her legs continue to improve.

  • Guest
    Jenny Saturday, 18 October 2014 · Delete

    Another great example of people following their intuition to go beyond conventional medicine. I too speak from experience of Terry's treatment to finally help bring healing relief in my case to hives. Thank you for sharing such knowledge and treatment.

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