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Here we cover aspects of therapy treatments adjustments as well as mindsets, exercises, and many methods to heal through nature and spirit. Through noble thoughts and actions.

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Bells palsy, Vertigo, Lower back and leg pain, Red eyes

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Today's Blog is again about treatment in the clinic

These cases kind of tie together out of interesting facts

If you are not sure how the systems we use work then just go to the tab on my web site that is clinic methods at Powers’

One case is of a senior man who is extremely well mannered and charismatic.

He has suffered with eyes being red and also recently would like a long standing case of Bells palsy treated.

I have had success with this gentleman in the past where a couple of years ago we treated him for red eyes and eye lids- we treated him for the allergies that showed up through kinesiology and they settled down completely. However they recurred and so we have almost finished treating the red eyes again- we had to treat him according to kinesiology response muscle testing – we had to treat him for how his body processes sugars and honey and also red wine and some medication he takes and also some vitamins. All of which were contributing to his red eyes. He was sensitive to those items. By adjusting his nervous system and meridian system for those items his liver was more able to cope with the detoxification process and the eyes settled down.

However now he wants help with a thirty year or more case of Bells palsy. It affects the right eyelid and causes it to sag a bit. On using kinesiology it was discovered that the main factor was some heavy metals- the source of exposure was unknown – particularly cadmium and nickel.

I have successfully treated Bells palsy on quite a number of patients- the last one was a lady in her seventies. Her Doctor told her she would have it for at least six months. I gave her acupuncture but also treated her for a sensitivity to parasites and also dust. Usually with Bells palsy there is often a virus of some sort however that did not show with this lady.

We treated her and after the first treatment her mouth corner would lift when she smiled- It took us four treatments for her mouth and face to be fully recovered and her dismissed from care for that disorder.

That same lady then later on came in with terrible dizziness- Called benign positional vertigo. In Chinese medicine it was found to be due to some blood stagnation or poor circulation. We treated her for that condition. It took us six treatment for the benign positional vertigo to be completely alleviated. Prior to that she would get extremely dizzy and have to hold on if she moved her head too swiftly.

My final case I would like to share with you in this blog is a lady I saw today.

She had gone to the Philippines and while over there it was extremely hot however on the plane she came home and entered our country and found it extremely cold for her by comparison- She believed she got a chill or cold in her system. She had terrible low back pain and also pain down both legs to the heels. Her doctor sent her to Physio but she said that after four treatments that her condition was getting worse- she could not work and she was in terrible pain.

Of course we treat the physical and mechanical disorder but I find if I treat holistically then we seem to get much better results. The kinesiology found that she had a disorder in the stomach. That her system was acidic and that she was carrying a virus.

She said yes she was feeling a great deal of nausea and feeling like vomiting since this all occurred.

I treated her system for how it interacts with acidity and also the virus. After the first treatment which included Chinese cupping acupuncture and chiropractic - the patient felt much better.

It took us another three treatments before the patient was back at work. Today was her final treatment and she was 80-90 percent symptoms free and working full time again.

As an aside -

Heavy metals are an important part of our health but in excess contaminate and damage our nervous system. These heavy metals pervade our society through many ways.

A 25-foot (7.6 m) wall of heavy metal contaminated coal fly ash, resulting from the release of 5.4 million cubic yards of coal fly ash slurry into the Emory River Tennessee, and nearby land and water features, in December 2008.Testing showed significantly elevated levels of arsenic, copper, barium, cadmium, chromium, lead, mercury, nickel, and thallium in samples of slurry and river water.Cleanup costs may exceed $1.2 billion.


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Terry is a second generation Chiropractor Acupuncturist Natural Health care practitioner and Hypnotherapist who uses guided visualisation and meditations and prayers.

He uses traditional Chinese acupuncture, five element acupuncture and also Chiropractic techniques. Combined with kinesiology to evaluate the systems of the body and using treatments and also herbs and nutrients to aid the body and mind.

Terry helps people also through his seminars of Blessed Horizons Seminars and Balanced for Health and Life Seminars, and Soul Journey Seminars.

He is married with six children. He believes in adding value to people and his world.

He is a Christian who deeply admires the examples and ways of Christ.


  • Guest
    Jenny Horn Friday, 22 August 2014 · Delete

    Terry your discussion of real cases brings validation of your holistic approach and treatment. The greatly improved health of each patient in these examples demonstrates perfectly the tremendous quality of your work.
    Regards Jenny Horn

  • Stefanie Hodgson
    Stefanie Hodgson Friday, 22 August 2014 · Delete

    Hi There, I find reading these Blogs very helpful. It is interesting and hopeful to learn about how health issues are successfully treated at Powers Clinic. I knew of a man who suffered from vertigo so badly he stopped working.

  • Guest
    Nancy De Gioia Wednesday, 24 September 2014 · Delete

    It is very interesting to read your blog Terry. It gives more insight into the health issues you address.
    People who have not experienced Chiropractic treatments think it is about adjusting bones. Your blogs show how much more it is. I think it will give a greater understanding to those who really are frightened of Chiropractors due to lack of education and lack of understanding of this amazing modality.:)

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