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Welcome to our online practice. For appointment book please click the picture above or the link below.

Many people desire to have health insights similar to what is attained in our person to person clinic. We use energy medicine and guided visualisation and exercises and nutrients and herbs to help people heal.

In clinic we also use Chiropractic to adjust the flow of nerve energy and acupuncture to improve the meridian Qi flow but online we take you through some home acupressure and guasha and other methods such as mindfulness processes that help you to make the shifts in your health and indeed your life that you so desire.

It is hard to create the life you want when your health is lacking lustre. We need to glisten and buzz with vitality. A lot of people think that is just not install for them. But what they soon discover is that their body has an enormous amount of energy. They just need to mobilise and unblock for it.

We use body techniques but also visualisation and guided hypnotherapy principles.

Terry is a dedicated health care practitioner and has helped many people heal using energy and intuitive medicine but also physical and herbal and nutritional guidance that fits that patient under that circumstance.

But some people desire to gain health but just cannot come into the clinic. They might live far away but they want to access the level of benefits that we give the people that come in to see us. This service is to allow them access to our style of therapies from their own home.

However with online consulting it is not able to be rebated by health funds or medicare or DVA. But the good thing is that you can gain access to this wonderful spectrum of healing arts. You can do it from a private area in your own home or office. You can do it at a time outside of normal hours.

So you then no need to drive to your appointment- you just click us on and we are there.

So if you would like to make a time- remember that I still treat full time in clinic. But I am also now available for online treatments and guidance and help. If you need a time that is outside the times listed then we will see what we can work out. Just email me and I will sort something out with you.

However for the moment go onto this online appointment maker. Make your appointment by clicking the link or the image above.

When you go to the appointment book by clicking the above link or picture - there is a calender with available online appointment times having a green box with a tick in the centre. To make your appointment just fill in your details then click on the time that suits you with a green box and tick. Then follow the procedures. The times are listed as local Port Macquarie time NSW Australia which is eastern standard time GMT + 10 however when daylight savings begin then that will be GMT + 11.

Daylight saving in New South Wales Australia begins at 2:00 am, Eastern Standard Time, on the first Sunday in October and ends at 3:00 am Eastern Daylight Saving Time on the first Sunday in April.

The consult can be done via skype or a video chat program or via phone if you don't have internet connection at the time that you would like it.

The cost is  $200 per hour.


Kind regards

Terry Power