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Welcome to effective and unique ways to exercise your body and mind and spirit all together. With exercises that are isometric and isotonics and multiple continuouis isomettrics as well as guided meditation and visualtisations. Some of them for weight loss some of them for getting to sleep at night some fo them for rejuvinating your soul and mind.

Many of them are based on spiritual teachings- for example the weight managment is based on the Lord Prayer- however you dont have to go through the prayer if yo dont want tol. But the thoughts are noble.

In addition there are many ways to viusalise certain noble thoughts and ideas in your life while you exercise. So you are exerciing your mind cirucuits at the same time you are strengthiening and toning your body. All these exercises can be adapted to your uniique situation- so if you are an elitie athlete these can challenge you or if you are very sedendtery then they are adapted to your level of strenght and fitness at the moment.

So Welcome to this exciting work. I am so pleased to be seeing these methods help so many people in so many different ways.

This section deals with many aspects of rehabilitative and also developmental exercises.They can be done and adapted to help from the very young to very old and from elite athlete to bed confined patients.

It covers access to teaching and explanatory DVD's on Full Body and Mind Rehabilitation and Development as taught by and supportive of Balanced for Health and Life Seminars.

Developed by myself Chiropractor and Acupuncturist and kinesiologist this work has been inspired by the teachings of my father who was a tremendous healer and practitioner and he was a vital athlete.

These methods allow you to rehabilitate and take a firm role in your rehabilitation and sculpuring of your mind and body. For those seeking to develop a simple yet extraordinarily powerful method to enhance their life for more strength or flexibility or tone or coordination and create a charge on their day. These procedures are simple and extremely effective and very inexpensive.

The philosophy of our work is not to just develop the body but the mind and spirit with the body. So we include mind exercises and visualisations that guide yo to a greater creativity in your life.

If you want a cherished life then it is beneficial to have a body and mind that is not encumbered a sluggish system with aches and pains and a fogged in brain.

So for a small subscription you have access to methods that the pioneer of this work has developed over many years.