Clinic Fees


Clinic fees are listed below after the background:

In our clinic we do get great results- some of them outstanding- sometimes we have to wrestle with your health problems for a while before we get a breakthrough.

What Patients Appreciate.... and not

The methods, genuine care and professional ability we give is always appreciated by patients- the only thing patients don't appreciate is having to wait too long for an appointment. In our modern society of so many time demands patients just don't have the luxury of being too patient waiting for our attention.

Due to the attitude of a growing number of clients We are HAVING to pay attention to people who want timely adjustments that they know they can rely on.

Timeliness of it all:

SO as the practitioner rather than running an hour or two behind time - we now have to watch the clock and act accordingly.

We used to give a treatment and if we went over time then that is the way it was and we did not charge any differently. However as people had many needs and as we got later and later this no longer worked for the majority of our clientele. SO we have been forced to implement a system that we have had set up over a decade ago but a system we never actually administered.

How Long?

That system is if you need a ten minute appointment- face to face patient to practitioner then that is what you book and pay for. If you need an hour then that is what you book and pay for. That is the fairest system we can think of.

If you think you need a twenty minute appointment then just book for that long however if it ends up going for twenty five minutes due to your pressing health needs then that is the time you will need to pay for. However please remember that if we go over time with you - we are now in the time slot of another person- we are taking from them. So we have to make that a rare occurrence because as we said the practitioner just has to keep in the time needed. Then if more time is needed we can schedule a longer time at your next appointment.

Tempo/Rhythm of treatments restores life and health

This will work better for your health anyway because through the treatment- we have noticed that applying our art in a sequence and order and a rhythm or tempo that aids health actually brings better results. Sort of like listening to a musical piece- if the musician played the notes with no sense of timing then all we hear is a bunch of notes- however if the notes are played in the right timing then a sense of something more is achieved. This is the same with a treatment. The right stimulus at the right timing builds better for your health than a treatment that has no timing to it at all.

So all treatments have to be conducted with appreciation of the time.

Now our new patient time face to face is usually half an hour. Our usual regular follow up treatment is ten minutes face to face- this does not include acupuncture processing time on the couch. You only pay for the time that the practitioner is actually tending to your needs.

However some people book a five minute tune up adjustment /acupuncture. Some book an hour appointment- some book or twenty minute time- because they need to discuss things as well as desiring the treatment and that discussion takes time.

However it is amazing what can be accomplished in short times if both the practitioner and patient are focused and ready.

Mutual rapport- looking after you and others

The ten minute treatment is a follow up session where the practitioner and the patient know exactly what they are treating and the methods to be employed. So we can get straight into treatment- that treatment includes a vast array of natural health care disciplines all streamlined into an effective system of treatment. Each movement and adjustment and procedure is applied in the right order in the right rhythm to gain the maximum benefits for the patient.  But this requires cooperation on the part of the patient and the practitioner.

We want to satisfy your needs

IF there are other needs to be met that are outside this scope that will likely take more time then a longer appointment can be booked. We take bookings in five minute increments- So you can book a five minute, ten minute, fifteen minute, twenty minute, twenty five minute etc all the way up to an hour appointments for a single patient. This booking system is for a single patient- it cannot be doubled up to be shared between two or more patients. Because that requires extra receptionist involvement.

All treatments need to be paid for at the time of the appointment except for appointment's of twenty five minutes and longer- they need to be paid for in advance at the time of making the booking.

Oops - forgot your appointment?

If you cannot make an appointment then we need at least four hours notice to give your time to others, otherwise a cancellation fee is automatically applied. If you cannot make a time and you forget to tell us that you cant make it we are very forgiving for the first time this happens- however if it happens twice this also we will forgive fully too but the difference is that from then on all your appointments will have to be paid for when your making the booking no matter how long or short you book for.

Value Added Treatments by combining expertise

Now our fees listed below as you will see is very reasonable when comparing with what is advised by the respective professional bodies that we are part of. We give Chiropractic Acupuncture Kinesiology including neuro-emotional technique and allergy elimination we also prescribe nutrients or herbs or foods for healing. We also prescribe exercises for your rehabilitation and development. We combine all of this into one treatment that we charge a single fee for- that fee is based on a competitive rate that usually is for a single discipline, however you are gaining that expertise and combined benefit for literally a fraction of the price if you were to see those different disciplines separately. But combining them together in one session we believe helps to activate the treatment to a higher level of effectiveness. Why we do this is to make something of outstanding value that can be afforded by virtually everyone. We want to give a touch of gold for the price of nickel. However we cannot give a gold kilogram for an ounce of nickel- if you need a longer appointment or if it takes longer then you will need to plan for that.

A three minute extra time spent over what is scheduled for each patient will mount up by the end of the day to a one hour and forty five minute wait for the final patient. This is just too hard for most patients to manage in their lives. So we must now coordinate this more fairly. We were finding that we were running between one hour to three hours behind time by the end of the day. We were willing to give this but most patients that have to wait are not. So we are now taking account.

Please see below our schedule of fees

Like all places of business where money is paid for professional service we need to have a schedule of fees so that professional ability and time are put in their proper order.

Schedule of Fees
Time Spent with Practitioner Standard Rate Pensioner Rate Unemployed/F/T Student Rate
Initial Consult/ First Visit (30 Min) 85 75 79
5 Minute Adjustment Balancing 36 35 35
Regular Consult- 10 Minutes 57 55 56
15 Minutes 65 63 64
20 Minutes 77 74 76
30 Minutes 95 92 93
40 Minutes 124 116 117
50 Minutes 155 131 135
60 Minutes 185 160 165
Exact time not as listed* Fee adjusted per minute* Fee adjusted per minute* Fee Adjusted per minute*
Missed Appointment Fee Half time fee booked Half time fee booked Half time fee booked

* Exact time not as listed / Fee adjusted per minute - to explain this- as an example if 18 minutes is spent then it is not fair on the patient to charge a twenty minute time slot- however the time spent is not in the 15 minute slot and again the follow on patients have to wait longer. This waiting for prior patients by the end of the day can mount up to extremely long waiting times, which some patients just cannot tolerate. 

A three minute extra spent above what is scheduled for each patient will mount up by the end of the day to a one hour and forty five minute wait for the final patient. This is just too hard for most patients to manage. So we must now coordinate this more fairly.

So in order to manage these better the fee is adjusted fairly between the fifteen minute rate and the twenty minute rate. So in the 18 minute example would then work out to Standard 69.60 Pensioner 66 and Unemployed/ F/t Student 68. This is a proportionate fee calculated between the 15 min and 20 min time slots. This way we can give to patients according to their current needs however they now realise that giving to those needs beyond what was planned does attract a higher charge so they will be much more discerning if their need is truly warranted.

Then if a patient is by our times showing that they usually need a twenty minute time slot then that is the time they will be suggested to book into. Also patients will be asked to help coordinate the times that they have scheduled to consider the people after them. After all they are part of a practice that includes the people prior to them and the people after them. This makes a healthy state that reflects on their own health.



The following fee chart is by way of comparison:-

The Chiropractors Association of AUSTRALIA NSW branch fees guide for NSW is as follows

This schedule is designed as a preliminary guide to Chiropractors.

No compulsion is placed on members to conform to this schedule as members are expected to adopt criteria for establishing a fee structure that reflects the administrative costs of their practice, the level of expertise that supports the care they provide, together with any other factors that may be relevant to their particular practice.


INITIAL CONSULTATION - New Patient up to 15 minutes.  $96.93

INITIAL CONSULTATION & TREATMENT - New Patient 15 to 30 minutes.  $110.78

INITIAL CONSULTATION (after-hours) New Patient up to 15 minutes  $124.65

CONSULTATION RE-EXAMINATION & TREATMENT Established Patient up to 20 minutes - $96.93

STANDARD CONSULTATION - Up to 15 minutes. $55.39

STANDARD CONSULTATION - From 15-30 minutes. $77.55

STANDARD CONSULTATION (after hours) - Up to 15 minutes. out of normal office hours     $83.10

STANDARD CONSULTATION (after hours) - From 15-30 minutes. $105.24

HOME VISIT CONSULTATION and/or TREATMENT- Up to 25minutes  $110.78